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Easy Advance Refund

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Helping You Receive Your Promised Tax Refund in Advance 

You’ve filed your taxes. Now you can sit back, relax, and wait for your return, right? Typically, this is the case; however, if an emergency has come your way and you need that promised income as soon as possible, you may no longer have the luxury of patiently waiting for your return.

At Herbert Kraus, CPA, we can help you acquire the funds owed to you when you need them most thanks to our stress-free fast tax refund. Contact our team today to discover how this speedy service can benefit you.

Understanding Your Advanced Refund

A fast tax refund is precisely that- a short-term loan against your income tax return which you receive before the IRS processes your reimbursement. With a fast refund, you borrow your own money and pay it back when the IRS issues your return. As a taxpayer, our refund service gives you the opportunity to access your money sometimes within a day of applying, or on the day the IRS accepts your tax return. This can be extremely useful when you need your promised funds quickly.

How Do Refund Advances Work?

In addition to planning and preparing your taxes, our professionals can loan you the money through a third-party. Based upon your specific situation, loan funding options can vary. Your options may include a prepaid card, paper check, or direct deposit.

If your total refund is greater than the amount of your refund loan, when the IRS sends you the full amount, we keep the amount of your investment but will give you the difference through your preferred payment method. If you choose a prepaid card, your income typically becomes available to you within 24 hours of filing your taxes. If you go with direct deposit, your funds may take one to five business days to be posted into your bank account.

The Advantages of Using Herbert Kraus, CPA As Your One-Stop Tax Center

Here are some important benefits to consider when working our team to receive your fast tax refund:

  • An advanced loan allows you to access your money faster. If you need your promised income now, we can give it to you.
  • A no-fee 0% APR fast refund advance ensures you will not pay anything beyond the cost of tax preparation for your loan.  
  • When getting help from our tax preparers, you can receive your refund advance as part of the same service.
  • You’ll know exactly how much of a refund you’re getting and how much you qualify for when taking a loan against your return.
  • Using our qualified team can better ensure you receive the most substantial refund possible.
  • You can use your refunded income to pay for your tax preparation fee, so you don’t have to worry about making a sperate payment.
  • Getting an advance on your refund won't affect your credit score.

The sooner you employ our team to file your taxes, the more likely you’ll receive your refund promptly. When you obtain a refund advance through our expert tax preparers, you can better ensure your loan has a 0% APR with no fee, so you come out ahead financially.

Have you been faced with an unexpected situation where you need income from your promised return now? Our team at Herbert Kraus, CPA is here to help! Call our San Antonio firm to schedule your fast tax refund discussion today!