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Tax Preparation

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Reliable Tax Preparation in San Antonio to Help You Save Money

As an individual or entrepreneur, tax preparation is essential for helping you get the most out of your return and avoiding costly penalties. At Herbert Kraus, CPA, our team provides strategic personal and professional tax preparation, and has done so for many years.

Contact our San Antonio firm for expert tax planning, organizing, and filing of your taxes to help you save time and money.

Individual Tax Preparation for Any Situation

Both business owners and employees have personal income taxes to file. However, every situation is unique, and each person faces their own challenges complicating the tax filing process. An entrepreneur often has to keep track of write-offs and make sure all expenses are accounted for on a 1099 form. Independent contractors or self-employed individuals are not affected in the same way the owner of a partnership is. To ensure your tax return is completed accurately, you need the expertise of accounting professionals with the knowledge of these crucial differences.

Our team of CPAs are seasoned in individual tax preparation for any situation and can help you decipher the complexities of tax filing for a successful and accurate return. We work closely alongside you to analyze your forms and ensure all the information matches your personal, everyday life. Our attention to detail paired with our wealth of knowledge helps prevent mistakes, avoid unnecessary penalties, and helps you save as much as possible while staying compliant with your tax responsibilities.

Tax Preparation for a Multitude of Businesses

We have extensive knowledge in assisting a wide variety of businesses with their tax filing obligations. We happily cater to many unconventional situations such as tax preparation for professional video game streamers, social media influencers, and other self-employed individuals that generate enough views to be considered a fully-fledged business.

Herbert Kraus, CPA has the experience and first-hand knowledge to help your business through every aspect of your tax preparation. We can file payroll on whatever basis you require, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually. Our team understands the numerous tax needs for different business structures and can adjust our preparation services to best match your needs. We also help plan out your business tax strategies in advance to help you avoid costly payments, penalties, and steering clear of unwanted attention from the IRS.

Supporting You During Tax Season and Beyond

Herbert Kraus, CPA assists many businesses and individuals throughout San Antonio. Contact our firm today to help get all your tax responsibilities prepared! 

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